About Us

Kersh & Co Ltd is a commercial property consultancy and business rates specialists that advises on small business rates in the UK. We have extensive experience in the market for over 20 years and have built contacts with British councils for a direct relationship.

Kersh & Co Ltd is a business to business company providing business rate debt support. We resolve any business rate disputes that arise between councils and bailiffs on behalf of our clients saving you so much time, money and hassle.

Kersh & Co’s founders are well informed on UK law and are experienced litigators. We are pioneers in our field and have found the gaps needed to saving you your business rates or get you out of debt. We act as your litigation advisors, and assist you in taking matters of disputes to finality. It is our aim to settle disputes by arbitration and negotiations and therefore save you expensive solicitors fees.

Our methods work and our reputation precedes us. We have at our disposal a number of accountants and legal advisors as well as financial advisors across the UK. At no time do we act as debt collectors or solicitors, but strictly in matters of disputes between two parties or more. Kersh & Co also outsources advisory services to solicitors who seek us for their own clients’ business rate debt and disputes before it escalates into an appeal.

We do not get involved with appeal processes, although we do understand the need for them, however most of the time appeals do not work and so we recommend seeking advice from the valuation office agency (VOA) if it got that far.

We come highly recommended by our clients as we save them £10k + year over year.

Our team is proud to serve the business rate paying community and help keep the UK’s business sector open through successful brokering services.

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